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Biodesign in high schools

Traditional education, which is mainly based on evaluating theoretical content at the end of a course, is not in keeping with the skillset we require in the twenty-first century. Today, we need creative and innovative individuals who can think critically, who are capable of learning to learn, and who have complex problem-solving skills. We need people who can work collaboratively using transdisciplinary communication skills. We need citizens who are aware of local needs but have a global vision. They must make decisions not only based on their own well-being, but also in the best interests of the community and the planet. They must understand that the solution requires a balance.
People can acquire these skills through design thinking, which builds the learning process by carrying out projects, and theorizes based on set challenges. Biodesign for High Schools is a pedagogical proposal that combines scientific topics with a creative approach; it offers a plethora of possibilities to prepare future high school graduates to respond to the needs of today’s world.


Año de publicación 2022
Editorial Ediciones Uniandes
Páginas 384
Edición Primera edición
ISBN 9789587982459


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